Insiteo’s platform has been designed to provide a whole set of services which are very well integrated.

When you use all of our services, it straightforward to setup the whole system. You don’t even need to worry about location coordinates!

However, you can perfectly use one or some of our services and integrate them with your own existing solution (maps for instance), our solution also makes it easy to interoperate with 3rd party services!

Insiteo’s solution makes it very simple to configure your indoor location system, update it, while being able to run without a full dependency on a wireless communication

All of our services follow the same principle:

  • Initial configuration or updates are done through our web-interface. Our server then provides the data to any SDK client device which need to operate the service (maps/location/navigation/content data).
  • Once the client has downloaded the configuration data, all services work on-board, even if the device is in offline mode (Wifi or BLE chips obviously need to be enabled for location but no connectivity is required).
  • At SDK initialization, whenever updates are available on our server, you are notified and can choose to update the local packages on the device.
  • Obviously, when registered with your own license key, you can only access to your own site data and no one else can access to yours!

You can upload your own map backgrounds on our back-office interface and retrieve them through the SDK. A simple tool helps you properly scale and reference the North orientation

The map background formats are images (jpg/png typically), which can easily be derived from a PDF, Adobe Illustrator or similar image formats.

It is also very easy to geo-reference your own contents on the map background.

Insiteo’s high accuracy location engine uses Wifi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) depending on the OS/device.

On iOS where only BLE data is available, relying on this technology is mandatory. It works from the iPhone 4S and all more recent iOS devices.

On Android, all devices may use Wifi signals and many of them in Android 4.3 or above support BLE (Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3, Xperia Z series, LG Gx series, Nexus 4, Nexus5 and Nexus7, ...).

In order to improve accuracy, Insiteo’s solution leverages the device’s sensors and mixes them with Wifi/BLE inputs.

The indoor location typically updates a few times per second, and it is computed on the client device.